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Watchdog Anti-Malware - 1-Year 5-PCs

Watchdog Anti-Malware - 1-Year 5-PCs

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WATCHDOG Anti-Malware is a Cloud-Based Multi-Engine Malware Scanner 

Why cloud-based multi-engine scanning? 
In the modern world, multi-layer security is essential to protect your valuable personal information from cyber-criminals. In 2014, more than 317 million new malware threats were released. No single engine can detect all threats, so having only one anti-virus engine is no longer sufficient. Only by using multi-engine scanning technology can you ensure that no threat goes
undetected. That’s why WATCHDOG Anti-Malware uses multiple scanning engines to keep you protected.

Improve your security

WATCHDOG Anti-Malware uses our Cloud Scanning Platform, a highly optimized cluster of servers running 6 anti-virus engines with all the latest updates. This provides you with the power of multi-engine scanning without any of the downsides such as drains on system resources or conflicts between programs.

Fast scanning and malware removal

WATCHDOG Anti-Malware is extremely optimized and lightweight. Our software engineers designed it to work out of the box without the need to tinker with confusing settings. Simply start a scan and wait a few minutes while it searches your computer and eliminates threats.

How It Works

  • First you simply start a scan.
  • WATCHDOG Anti-Malware analyzes your files and when our software finds a suspicious file, it passes the fingerprint to our Cloud Scanning Platform where 6 different anti-virus engines perform checks. Milliseconds later, our Cloud Scanning Platform marks the file as safe or malicious, or else asks WATCHDOG Anti-Malware to upload it for further examination.
  • WATCHDOG Anti-Malware rapidly sets about removing any confirmed malicious software.

WATCHDOG Anti-Malware features:

  • Multi-engine Anti-Virus scanning in the Cloud
  • Rapidly neutralizes all malware; viruses, trojans, worms, spyware and adware!
  • Works with your existing security software without conflict!
  • Removes unwanted apps, annoying toolbars or browser add-ons.
  • Finds and removes even deeply embedded advanced malware threats, like rootkits.
  • Easy-to-use with minimal device resource footprint - doesn't slow down your PC.

System Requirements:

  • Processor:   Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM:   1 GB RAM 
  • Hard Disk:   About 25 MB disk space 
  • Additional Requirements:   Active Internet access for download, installation, and activation. Active Internet access is required for ongoing use of this product.

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